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Chris Hamrick Shares Why He Started Kids First CommunityI accepted a position in this industry in 2009. It wasn’t what I wanted to do. After all, I’d held positions around the world and have an MBA. Moreover, I wasn’t adept at sales nor did I want to travel all week. But, times were lean and this offered an income. My creditors would be so pleased with my decision. I soon realized how much I enjoyed doing my part in keeping kids and families informed and safe with creative and positive messages. And business owners were always happy to see me because our products helped enhance their visibility and cultivate positive relationships within the local community.

Principals confided often in me that, due to budget cuts, our products were one of the few interactions students had with topics such as Internet Safety or Drug Awareness. Schools could no longer afford expensive materials or speakers. It simply wasn’t in the budget. In some cases, the community didn’t even have a D.A.R.E. officer any longer. Principals were pleased that local businesses cared so much about their kids that they sponsored, through advertising, Folders, Planners, and Book Covers themed with safety messages that complemented classroom lessons. Sometimes, kids were only exposed to these messages through our products.


I worked even harder at introducing our products to schools. Traveling constantly. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted to create a website that expanded upon the static messages on our products. Unfortunately, I worked for a company that didn’t share my vision. So I accepted a job with another company understanding our goals were in alignment, simplifying information to help families make informed decisions. Again, it was soon clear, leadership at my new employer didn’t share my vision.

So I struck out on my own. I built a website library of relevant educational and safety information. I hired some staff. And I took the message back out on the road. Our products help with kids’ education by organizing them. Our products also keep vital information in front of kids and their families every day and direct them to our website which is a comprehensive location for information focused on Building Awareness and Changing Lives.

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