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I just wanted to state that we love the folders.  I have already had a several comments in regards to the folders and other businesses ready to sign up 🙂 Thank you and for all of your work.

Principal Ellen D. Principal

I will definitely send a thank you letter to the folks you have listed. We are very excited to have the folders. I know they will be a wonderful resource and tool for our teachers and students! Thank you for your hard work!

Principal Kelly N. Principal

Kids First Community was great to work with!  We met one time to discuss what I wanted for our communication folders and brainstormed local businesses that would be willing to help out with this project.  After that meeting, the Kids First representative contacted businesses and created our communication folders at no cost to our school! …

Principal Tina M. Principal

Thank you so much Kids First Community. Our students loved the folders. The folders are a great help to our students and remind everyone what our school is all about. We would also like to say a big “thank you” to the local businesses in our community that showed their support for our elementary school.

Principal Matthew M. Principal

Thanks to Kids First Community for helping us get these amazing new folders AND thanks to all of the local businesses that donated to make this happen! The students love getting something new and the teachers love the durability of them. They also offer a lot of great reminders on what our school believes in. Thanks…

Principal Vicki J. Principal

Our whole school community loves these folders! They are durable and include the Seven Habits that we practice here at Lincoln. Thank you for making this so easy to do.

Principal Kimberly G. Principal
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