4 Easy and Fun Ways to Get Kids Ready to Return to School

back to school

After a fun winter break of holiday celebrations, family time, and sleeping in, getting back into a school routine can be a struggle for parents and kids. 

Getting ready to return to school is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be a drag either. 

Here are 4 simple ways to help your kids get ready to go back to school. 

Plan Morning Activities  

Waking up earlier is one of the hardest things about going back to school. Instead of battling with your kids about bedtime and wake-up time, plan something fun for the morning. This will give everyone a reason to get up and get moving, which will help prevent snoozed alarms. There are many different activities you could try such as:

  • Cooking breakfast together. 
  • Going on a family walk or hike. 
  • Playing a game. 
  • Volunteering. 

School Supply Race

One of the most dreaded parts of returning to school is gathering up school supplies. Winter break is about halfway through the school year, which means it may be time to restock some supplies. To assess what your kids have and what they need, you’ll need to assess and sort everything. Chances are, kids don’t think it’s too fun to get their supplies together. 

Make it fun by turning it into a race. See who can get their supplies together and laid out the quickest, or set a time limit and challenge your kids to get it done within the time. The competition and race against the clock make it more fun for many kids. You can also add a small prize as an incentive. 

Write Goals 

To get kids thinking about and exiting about the return to school, come up with some goals. Sit down with your kids and think about a few goals they will have for the post-winter-break school year. Keep the goals focused on controllable behavior, not just performance. 

DIY Gift for a Friend 

One of the best parts about returning to school is seeing friends. Get your kids excited about going back by making a DIY present for a friend or classmate. Help them make an item they are interested in. Work together to find inspiration online and spend some time crafting fun little DIY gifts. 

The 4 ideas above will help you make the transition back to school much smoother after winter break.


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