5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

black history month

February is Black History Month. As a significant part of American history, Black History is something more kids should learn about. People in all communities can benefit from learning about the history, culture, and experiences of Black people. 

Here are a few ideas for celebrating Black History Month this year:

The Importance of Black History Month 

Black history is an important part of American history that is often misrepresented or under-taught. Understanding Black history is crucial for understanding the modern Black experience and for connecting as a nation. This month is a time to celebrate the achievements and trials of Black people, and it’s a holiday that is important for all Americans to engage in.

Visit a Black History Museum 

If you are fortunate enough to be located near one, check out a Black History Museum. This is an engaging way to learn more about black history and experiences. If there isn’t one close by, check online for virtual tours or more resources. 

Read a Relevant Book 

Reading is another great way to learn more this month. There are books on Black History for every level of reading. Look for a memoir, biography, autobiography, or story written by a Black author. 

Watch a Movie 

Bring meaning to family movie night by choosing a documentary or movie about Black History or experiences. There are many genres of movies that include these topics and will help celebrate Black History Month. 


Take some time this month to volunteer in a predominantly Black community. This is an important way to positively contribute to the month.

Listen to a Black Speaker 

It’s important to learn about Black history and experiences from the perspective of Black people. See if there are any speakers coming to your area or presenting online that you can tune into. 

Celebrating Black History Month as a family is important for the perspectives and understanding of your children regardless of race or community. There are many different ways to learn more and celebrate this month. While topics of racism and events from the past may be difficult to learn about, it’s critical for us all. 


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