5 Easy Activities to Teach Your Kids About Earth Day

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, environmentally conscious individuals around the globe have worked together to protect the environment. Whether by making small changes to organizing large-scale campaigns that shed light on important causes, every effort helps.

Taking part in Earth Day efforts does not have to be complicated, though. Anyone can participate in preserving our planet.

To teach your children about Earth Day, help them take part in any one of these easy activities.

Start Recycling

Recycling is a simple way to protect the environment. Teach your children about which garbage items can be recycled and help them sort the content into paper, plastic and glass, and aluminum. Once they get the hang of what can and can’t be recycled, they can sort household items on their own.

Make a Game Out of Conservation

Conservation efforts can be made in the comfort of your home, especially if you make a game out of it. Encourage your kids to shut off lights when they leave a room and turn off water taps while they brush their teeth, for example. 

Then, reward them for their efforts when you see them taking steps to conserve water and electricity. 

Plant a Tree / Get A Houseplant

If you have yard space that can house a tree, visit your local nursery with your children to purchase a new tree, then plant it in your yard.

No yard? No problem. A hearty houseplant can serve just as well when it comes to teaching your children about the importance of plants and trees. 

Aloe vera is especially resilient if your family is not accustomed to houseplants, as they don’t require a lot of water and can grow well in any room with a window.

Read Earth Day Books

If you’d like to emphasize the importance of Earth Day through spoken words, there is a decent selection of children’s Earth Day books you might consider reading with your kids. 

The Earth Book by Todd Parr, One Tree by Green Start, and Seeds Move by Robin Page are three titles out of many that focus on Earth Day themes.

One of the many benefits of taking part in Earth Day activities is the fact that any one of the above-mentioned ventures can be continued well beyond Earth Day. As such, teaching your kids about Earth Day today can help them develop more environmentally conscious behaviors for the future.


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