8 Simple Ways to Get Your Children to Memorize Bible Verses

Christian parents make efforts to raise their children with faith being a big part of family life. Teaching children to memorize Bible verses is one way to help them learn valuable lessons about how to live.

If you’re looking for easy ways to help your children remember verses, try any one of these simple tips.

#1: Age-Appropriate Translations

Bible versions that are more catered to adults might be difficult for younger children to read. Teaching them verses through the use of an age-appropriate children’s bible will likely make passages easier to read, understand, and memorize.

#2: Make Practice a Habit

A sense of routine and structure tends to set young people up for success. Put aside time each day to teach your children the verses you’d like them to memorize. Practicing at the same time every day will help with memorization.

#3: Have Fun with It

Children learn best in a positive environment, so do your best to make learning fun. Allow your kids to enjoy themselves while they’re studying. If possible, take a tip or two from your church’s Sunday School teacher.

#4: Explain the Lesson

Understanding the point of the verse will help children memorize the words being taught to them. Tell them the story behind the verse and explain the lesson that the verse is conveying. Even if it takes time to remember the words verbatim, your children will very likely remember the lesson you’re teaching them.

#5: Choose Interesting Passages

There are fun/humorous passages and interesting stories throughout the Bible. Teaching your children passages based on stories that will hold their interest is a good way to help them form strong memories.

#6: Implement Audio/Visual Aids

Sometimes it’s easier for children to memorize what they see and hear than what they read. If this is the case with your kids, you might want to introduce them to biblical cartoons, songs, or flashcards.

#7: Reward Them for Trying

Positive reinforcement goes a long way when it comes to children making an effort to learn. Even if they make mistakes during their efforts, encourage them. Congratulate them when they get it right, and help them along when they struggle.

#8: Verse Length Should Relate to Age

Very young children, even those who can’t yet read, can remember short verses that they hear. Try to keep the length and complexity of the passage at a level that matches your child’s age. Older kids can take on longer verses, while younger kids will do well with short, easy verses.

Practice and parental involvement go a long way. If you make efforts to help your children memorize verses, they’re sure to improve their retention and memorization capabilities.


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