Activities For When Your Child Needs A Mood Boost

mood boost

Between the stress of living through a pandemic and missing out on normal activities, most of us could probably use a mood boost these days! While there’s no way to make everything better, there are some activities you can do while social distancing that will help boost your child’s mood. If naps and your usual snacks just don’t seem to be cutting it, give one of these things a try!

1. Play or exercise outside

There’s nothing quite like feeling the sun on your skin, especially during the first few months of mild weather after a cold winter! Make an effort to spend time outside as a family, ideally with your child doing something active. Go for a nature walk around your neighborhood, have a dance party in the backyard, or simply let them free play outside using whatever is available. Ideally, you should have your child play outside for about an hour each day to help them stay healthy, but there’s nothing wrong with letting them play outside for longer than that. Just remember to apply and reapply sunscreen as needed to prevent sun damage.

2. Make a healthy sweet treat together

A fun, sweet treat for your child doesn’t have to end with a sugar crash! Fresh berries and smoothies are two great options for quick, sweet, and healthy snacks to keep on hand for your child. Another great option you can make ahead of time is homemade fruity popsicles! From creative recipes that include multiple colors to simple frozen fruit purees, there are lots of recipes available, so try to find one that includes your child’s favorite fruit. These are great to literally and figuratively help younger children cool down, as eating this frozen treat usually takes some time and focus.

3. Get creative

From finger painting to arranging flowers picked from the yard, getting creative is a great way to boost your child’s mood! Let your child express what they’re feeling in a creative way, or simply use the new activity as a distraction from whatever was frustrating them before. Having a creative outlet is especially important for children and adults during times of stress, so if you can, join them in their creative activity.

Parenting through this pandemic can be stressful, but there are ways to make each day a little bit easier. Try using these activities when you see your child’s mood slipping to keep them as healthy and happy as possible while you stay at home!

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