Getting Your Teens Excited to Celebrate Easter

celebrate easter as a family

Easter is a joyous holiday. It’s a time to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and recognize all of his sacrifices in a positive light. For younger children, Easter is often an exciting time, filled with the Easter bunny, delicious candy, and bright crafts. But teens may not seem quite as excited about celebrating Easter, despite its importance. Lecturing only pushes teens further away. Here are some fun ways to get your teen excited to celebrate Easter. 

Ask For Their Ideas

Start by asking your teen what he or she would like to do for Easter. You may have assumed they would no longer want to decorate eggs or participate in “Easter bunny” traditions, but maybe they do. Strengthen your bond by checking in and seeing what activities may interest your teen this Easter. Of course, you may be met with an “I don’t know”, and that’s what the ideas below are for!

Amplified Treasure Hunt 

Searching the yard for eggs stuffed with change or candy may have been fun for your young children, but teens may need a bit more of a challenge. Create a map treasure hunt for your teen, making sure the route is safe. If your teen doesn’t have siblings near their age, allow them to bring along a cousin or friend on the hunt. Include clues or bible verses that relate to Easter.

Another idea is to have one “golden egg” that has a large prize (like a $20 bill). Hide the golden egg and some other decoy eggs around your property and let them search. Make it tricky and you’ll have an activity that lasts all day. 

Egg Bowling

Put a fun teen twist on egg decorating. Hard boil eggs and let your teens decorate them. Set up a large chocolate bunny as the “pin”. The teens can roll the hard-boiled eggs down the “lane” and try to knock down the chocolate bunny. 

Church Service and Brunch 

Okay, most teens may not love the sound of this one at first, but an Easter church service is a good reminder of what the holiday is for. Many churches have a teen room/service which may make it more enjoyable for your teen. Follow up the service with a family meal. If you want your teen to get excited, let them help choose where to go to eat and plan it out a few days ahead of time. 


Easter is not always the first holiday that comes to mind when you ask teens what their favorites are, but it’s one you can still make exciting for your kids as they age. Level up traditional Easter activities to make them more teen-friendly and work with your teen to come up with new fun ways to celebrate.


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