Celebrating President’s Day with Kids

presidents day

Can you name the presidents?

If you attended school in the United States, chances are you remember being tested on the presidents. For most, this isn’t a particularly enjoyable experience. 

However, President’s Day is coming up. While the holiday primarily focuses on George Washington and Abe Lincoln, it’s a day meant to honor and remember all presidents. 

In honor of President’s Day, here are a few fun activities your kids will enjoy far more than memorizing all of the presidents!

Trivia Game 

A trivia game on President’s Day will help your kids learn more about our presidents (and maybe even prep for an upcoming test) in a fun way. There are many options for games, like jeopardy for example. Some websites provide templates or pre-made games, but you can also make your own as a family before playing. Add some small prizes to amp up the competition. 

Write a Letter to the Current President 

Teach your child a bit about the role of a president, and then let them write a letter to the current president. This should be a creative activity for them, allowing them to express themselves however they see fit. 

President’s Coloring 

Spent some time doing a coloring book of the presidents. You can also search online for different presidents and print out the uncolored cartoon images. Write down a few fun facts about the president on their page to make this educational and fun for the whole family. 


There are endless options for crafts. Look up some photos of the presidents and pick out a few ideas to create using supplies you have around. For example, help your child make a George Washington wig using cotton balls, or an Abe Lincoln hat from construction paper. Learn about the item you’re making and why it was significant to the president as well.  

Word Hunt 

Print out or write your own word hunt activity for the holiday. You can include the president’s names as well as relevant words. Make it a competition to see who can find all of the words the fastest! Once everyone is done, spend some time talking about what they mean. 

President’s Day is a much-needed day off for most, but it’s also an opportunity to learn and celebrate. Using the activities above, you can help your kids enjoy the holiday and brush up on some important history together. 


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