Celebrating the Holiday Season as a Family


Winter is coming and so is Christmas! As the temperatures get colder and the holiday spirit starts to fill the air, here are some ways you can enjoy the season as a family.

Festivals and fun

There are lots of Christmas events to attend in December. Parades, markets, and festivals can be fun for the whole family. From tasty food and sleigh rides to stores decked out in Christmas bling, these are a great way to get out of the house and spend time together. This list can help you find an event in your area! If you’d rather do something indoors, try attending a classic Christmas play, musical, or ballet. For example, a popular choice is The Nutcracker ballet, a bright and colorful event kids and parents can enjoy. Or, to make it simple, just hop in the car, drive around, and look at all the Christmas lights your local area has on display!

Snowflakes and Stocking Stuffers

For a fun day indoors together, turn on the Christmas music and cover your windows with paper snowflakes. Simply fold a circular or square piece of paper into triangles, and cut patterns into it. When unfolded it will look like a beautiful snowflake! This is a easy and fun craft for all ages. Plus, you get to display your works of art for everyone to enjoy! You can also make simple Christmas gifts with your kids, for grandparents, teachers, or people at church. Try making some simple yet beautiful lacy candleholders, or a cute reusable sleeve for a hot drink cup.

Cookies and Candy

What is more cozy than a family baking day? Kids of all ages can help with some aspect of the baking process. For example, they can stir ingredients, cut out the cookies, and of course sample the end result! From candy cane cookies to vegan gingerbread, this list has a cookie recipe for everyone. Try a new cookie together, or enjoy one of your old favorites. You can also try making a gingerbread house. Whether from scratch or from a kit, these are a great way to make fun memories and create a beautiful holiday decoration. Plus, there’s lots of candy-eating as well. What’s not to love?

Remember, this only happens once a year! Enjoy the coziness and the festive buzz with your family as you make some fun memories.

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