Creative Ways to Make Your Child's Egg Hunt Special

Year after year, Easter comes around and we do the same old things, many years having essentially the same Easter egg hunt. Here are some fun ways to change yours up a bit!

1. Light up Easter eggs

Yes, you can make Easter eggs that glow! There are two main ways you can do this, by using flexible glow sticks folded up inside of the eggs. Try to color coordinate the glow sticks and the plastic eggs to make the colors look even brighter, and have the egg hunt in the evening as it gets dark to make them really shine! You can also make eggs glow in the dark by using glow in the dark paint.

2. Switch out the prizes

Instead of the classic Easter candy, try using a token system! Especially for older kids, this can be a fun way to allow them to earn bigger candies or non-candy treats, like balls or special pencils. Each egg has a token inside, and after the egg hunt the kids can trade their tokens for items from a little “store.”

3. Fun ways to keep things fair

If your Easter egg hunt includes a variety of different age groups, you may need to have a specific way to make sure that the littler kids don’t miss out! One fun way to do this is by assigning each child a color, and they can only pick up eggs that are that color. Another way is to do the Easter egg hunt in shifts! Both of these methods allow for varying levels of difficulty in hiding places, and will make sure that it all stays fair.

Now you are prepared to make this year’s Easter egg hunt more fun than ever, and even have a few ideas to stow away for the years to come!

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