Creative Ways to Celebrate Lent

celebrate lent as a family

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for the next six weeks until Easter. During this Christain holiday, the purpose is to deepen your spiritual wellbeing through preparation and pondering. Observing lent is a remembrance of Jesus sacrificing fasting and prayer in the desert for 40 days until his public ministry. Many people choose to observe lent by giving up something indulgent and adding something purposeful. 

For children and even teens, the purpose and meaning of lent can be difficult to grasp. While it’s important to celebrate Lent as a family, it’s not always easy to get your children excited or involved. 

Here are some creative ways to celebrate Lent as a family this year. 

Ash Wednesday Church Service 

A big part of celebrating Lent as a family is reminding everyone what it really means. Instead of just talking about it, get involved as a family by attending an Ash Wednesday service, whether in person or online. Try to find a children’s service or age-appropriate options for all of your kids. Churches that provide a kid’s room or childcare may have a lesson that’s more engaging for your children. 

Give Up Something as a Family 

Instead of trying to force kids to give up something for Lent, make it a family goal. Discuss something you can all give up together in observance of Lent. Work together to find a meaningful sacrifice so it’s unique for your family. Some examples include:

  • TV time
  • Sweets
  • Going out to eat 

Add A Positive Activity 

Lent tends to have a fairly somber tone, but there are ways to make it more positive for your family. Add a purposeful action or goal for Lent that helps you connect as a family or connect with God. Again, talk as a family to come up with a common goal. You could focus on spending quality time together, praying together, talking about Jesus, volunteering, or anything else you can think of. 

Resurrection Eggs

As Easter approaches, you can create your own set of resurrection eggs. You can purchase a set of resurrection eggs or make your own. Include a Bible verse inside each egg that relates to Christ’s life, death, or resurrection. Open one egg on each of the 12 days leading up to Easter. This is a fun way to teach your children more about the holiday. 

Lent is about setting aside distractions and opening our hearts to God’s love and family. Help your kids learn about the sacrifice Jesus made while still making the experience positive for them using some of the ideas above. 


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