Decorating for Fall with Kids

decorating fall

With changing leaves, crisp air, and beautiful skies, fall is a stunning season. Changing seasons are also a great time to spend with your family and start new traditions with your kids. One of the best fall activities to start the season is decorating. 

There are so many options for fall decorations and crafts, so it’s easy to find some that kids of all ages will enjoy. Here are some ideas for decorating for fall with kids. 

Sweater Pumpkin 

Sweater+pumpkin= totally fall! We love this cute idea of a sweater pumpkin from Happy DIY Home. You’ll need an old sweater and a pumpkin (can be fake). Gather up some other supplies from your craft box for decorating as well. Remove the stem from the pumpkin and carve a hole to tuck the sweater in. Cut off the sweater arm and slide the pumpkin in the armhole. Then, tuck the end of the sweater into the hole and cut off any excess from the bottom. Hot glue the sweater to the pumpkin. Create a stem from any materials you want and attach it where the original stem was. Get creative and add any accents you want!

Leaf Lanterns 

All you need is a dollar store glass (or mason jar), leaves, and mod podge. Use mod podge to attach the press leaves to the outside of the jar. Place a small candle (or battery-powered light) inside the jar for a cool DIY leaf lantern!

Wind Chime 

Find two sturdy sticks to use as the base for the wind chime. Cross them over each other and connect with twine. Tie strings on each leg of the sticks so you have several strands hanging down. Collect fall favorites like leaves, pinecones, rocks, twigs, colored beads, and anything else. Tie the items on the strings to create a cute fall wind chime that you can hand inside or outside. 

Pumpkin Carving

Of course, you can’t forget the classic pumpkin carving! Pick out some nice, plump pumpkins for this. Help your child cut the top off and dig out the guts and seeds (clean off the seeds to use for another craft or a yummy snack). Carve a face or decoration into the pumpkin. If your child is too young for this craft, you can opt for painting the pumpkin instead. Storing the pumpkins outside in the cool air will help them last longer. 

Have fun with your family decorating for fall by trying out some of the ideas above!


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