Developing Faith-Based Habits

Healthy habits don’t just include eating right and exercising. For Christians, it also means maintaining a healthy spiritual life. Parents can encourage their kids of any age to develop these three important faith-based habits.


Although prayer is simple, making it a habit can be challenging. Children can start learning about prayer from the moment they learn to speak. Regular prayer before meals or bedtime is a great way to start forming that habit. Let your kids observe your prayer throughout the day as well. This teaches them that prayer is a conversation that can happen any time, for any reason. There are many simple and creative ways to get kids praying. For example, you can draw names of people you know and pray for them daily. Or, have them praise God for one thing every day that they are thankful for.

Bible Study

Again, daily practice will help reinforce this habit and its importance. Consider getting them their very own Bible to use. Then, incorporate it into your regular family time. Try giving them their own Bible study plan when they are old enough. There are many different ways to make Bible reading fun and interesting for children. For example, you can act out Bible stories together. Or, set some of their memory verses to music. Memorizing Scripture is a great way to get your child thinking more about Scripture.

Christian Fellowship

Involvement in church is important for Christian growth, no matter the age. For kids, this can be as simple as regularly attending Sunday School. Look into your church’s children’s ministry and see what programs they might have. For example, many churches offer AWANA programs or Vacation Bible Schools in the summer. There are also ways you can involve them in ministry outside of the church. This can include getting a group to do chores for the elderly. Or, it might involve attending a youth group or church clean-up day.

There are many ways you can help your child grow their faith. Above all, never underestimate the importance of your support for your child as they learn to own their faith for themselves.

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