Developing Healthy Habits in Your Child’s Life

Childhood is a wonderful time for learning, growing, and developing healthy habits. When children develop these habits early on, they carry them through the rest of their life. Here are some ideas for how to begin instilling good habits in your little ones.

1. Healthy Eating

First, it is important to have structured meal times. For example, if your child needs snacks throughout the day, plan these into their daily schedule rather than at random times. This will help them to learn portion control and be aware of their appetite. As your child gets older, take them grocery shopping with you. Use this opportunity to teach them to read food labels, and understand what nutrients and foods are critical in their diet.

2. Brain-Boosting Activities

Encourage your child to read every day. Reading skills contribute to their success at school, and in many other areas of life as well! Join them during their reading time so you can help them understand concepts, work through difficult words, and bond with them. You can also play games or solve puzzles with your child, to develop their fine motor skills, help them follow rules, and engage their mind.

3. Social Skills

Give your child plenty of opportunity to engage socially! You can do this by giving them regular play dates with friends, and making sure they have freedom to interact with children their age. Spending time with other kids develops their communication skills and emotional intelligence. If they struggle with manners, or knowing how to have a conversation, practice with them at home.

There are many more habits that are healthy for children to develop. Remember, now is the best time for your child to learn these skills so they will last a lifetime! And you can be a unique part of that process as well.

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