Developing Your Child’s Organizational Skills


From cleaning their room to completing their homework on time, kids have plenty of opportunities to learn about organization. Here are some fun and easy ways you can teach your kids to become more organized.

Personal Belongings

Many kids’ rooms can become over-crowded with toys and miscellaneous possessions. There are ways to prevent this! For example, have an annual purge. Let them make some decisions about what to keep and what to donate or throw away. If you donate their things, let them know where their donations will go. They can even go with you to drop off the donations, which may help them feel more comfortable with the process next time. Also, to make a possessions purge easier, help them assign clear value to their toys. Give every item its own place in the room. This will make it easier to teach them the “one in, one out” rule. This rule dictates that if they add a new toy, they have to get rid of one in exchange.

Schoolwork and Time Management

To help your child complete their chores and homework more efficiently, try introducing them to lists. They can organize projects by priority, due date, or difficulty. You can also help them learn how to use calendars and planners to keep track of deadlines. Some children may find it easier to color-code tasks. Each of these strategies can help your child keep better track of their responsibilities and get them done more efficiently. You can also encourage them to get ready for the next day during the night before. Try using closet organizers and containers to keep everything in its place for easy access in the morning rush.

General Organization

If organization does not come naturally to your child, and they find it discouraging or challenging, try to make it fun for them. For example, you can turn some organization tasks into a game. Or, figure out specific ways to alter the process of organization to click with their learning style and personality. Also, you can try giving them fun and creative daily routine charts. This website has a wide selection of printable colorful charts. Above all, be patient and consistent with them.

Organization can become refined with age as you continue working with them. Encourage them when they own organization for themselves!

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