Easy, Mess-Free Valentine’s Crafts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to bring out the hearts and flowers. Hand-made notes and crafts are the perfect way to let people know you care. Here are some easy crafts you can do with your kids to celebrate love this February!

Creative Cards

A classic Valentine’s Day gift, even a small note, can be meaningful. Cards are easy for kids to make, with the simplest ones simply involving writing a note on a colorful heart. However, you can get more creative with these fun twists on Valentine’s notes. Help your kids turn a heart into a cute flamingo, or gift a clementine with a clever pun. From Legos to bubbles, this list has something everyone can enjoy making and receiving. Or, try making the “I love you THIS much!” card. With your child’s handprints and some folded paper, this cute card will melt anyone’s heart. And it’s easy to make! Simply fold a strip of paper accordion style, and use it to connect the two hand cutouts.

Fun Flowers

Just giving a bouquet of flowers can be boring. Make things more interesting with these tissue paper flowers, that your kids can create themselves. With a handmade touch, and some fun colorful paper, these brighten up any room. Simply fold and cut some tissue paper, and attach it to a green pipe cleaner per the instructions. In no time you’ll have your own bouquet of beautiful flowers that won’t wilt in a few days! Or, if you’d like to give something a little sweeter, your child can make these heart and lollipop flowers. Simply choose some colorful cardstock, cut out an assortment of hearts, and assemble them around a lollipop stick. Pretty and edible, these are a fun spin on a Valentine’s gift.

Hanging Hearts

If you and your kids like to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day, look no further than these fun hole-punch heart decorations. Similar to paper snowflakes around Christmas time, these hearts can add some color and fun to your windows, light fixtures, or wherever you choose to display them. Your kids can show their creativity by punching different patterns in the hearts. You can also let your toddlers get some energy out by creating a collage of shake-painted hearts. With some construction paper, paint, and a plastic container, they can create some colorful and festive art for proud display on your fridge.

Have fun with your kids as this season approaches! Not only can you make memories or start traditions that can last for years, but it is a great time to show how much you love each other as well.

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