Eat Your Vegetables!

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Those three words are sure to be heard at every dining room table at some point in that table’s lifetime! Vegetables have a bad rap for tasting bad and being forced to be eaten before we could leave the table as children. How can we create a better experience for our children that might just end in them liking their vegetables?

Get them Involved

There are so many ways that your children can be involved in the process of preparing the vegetables for the family meal. One of the first ways is growing them in a garden. This doesn’t have to be big or elaborate, just planting some seeds in large pots will do for many vegetable plants. After harvesting, have your children get involved in the next step of cooking them.

Dress Them Up

Vegetables do not have to be boring or bad tasting! There are so many ways to dress up vegetables so they will be enjoyable for the whole family! Try various dips such as dressings, bean dips, or hummus for raw veggies. Adding cheese or seasonings such as salt, pepper, and paprika when cooking vegetables can take them to the next level.

All Else Fails- Hide Them! 

If you are really struggling to get vegetables into your family’s diet, consider hiding them in foods you already eat. Blending them into fruit smoothies is a great option and can be a quick and delicious snack or meal. Adding finely chopped vegetables to dishes such as meat sauce or meatloaf can add flavor and moisture while getting the valuable nutrients of vegetables in your diet as well. 

There are so many ways in which you can encourage your family to eat their vegetables. The nutrients are so good for you! Try one of the veggie hacks today! 

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