Easy Family-Friendly Halloween Crafts

Family-Friendly Halloween

Fun family crafts are a great way to make Halloween more enjoyable and less scary for kids. Whether you do crafts to create decorations or as an alternative activity on Halloween night, there are many great options to choose from. 

Here are some easy family-friendly Halloween crafts to try this year. 

Pumpkin Decorating 

While pumpkin carving is always an option, pumpkin painting and decorating may be a bit more accessible for younger kids. With pumpkin decorating, there’s no need for sharp knives or gutting out the pumpkin. Work with supplies you already have like paint, googly eyes, sequins, pom poms, and more. Try to create a painted Jack-o-lantern or just let your imagination run wild! 

Spooky Slime 

Give your simple slime a spooky twist! This is a fun one that can also keep kids occupied once it’s done. It can be done without the harmful borax. To make the slime, you need clear glue, baking soda, green glitter paint (or the color of your choosing!), lens solution, and googly eyes. Find the full instructions here

Noodle Skeleton 

Use a skeleton illustration as a guide. Using dried pasta and white glue, create your own skeletons on construction paper. Get creative! Try using different pasta shapes to match the skeleton and give your skeletons fun names. 

Leaf Ghosts 

There’s no short supply of leaves around Halloween. Put those leaves to good use with leaf ghosts. Give them a coat of white paint. Once the paint dries, draw on a ghost face. Stick them on the wall and use them for easy decoration. 

ABC Costume 

Kids will absolutely love to make an ABC (anything but clothes) costume. The toilet paper mummy is a classic example, but this craft is a great way to let your children get creative. What kind of costumes can you make using supplies from around the house? Of course, kids can wear clothes under to ensure privacy, but nothing is more fun than trick-or-treating with a unique ABC costume! 


There’s no better craft than the one you can eat. Halloween is the perfect time to make some yummy, spooky treats. Here are a few ideas:

  • Homemade caramel and cheese popcorn mix. 
  • Eye pretzels. Plop a bit of melted chocolate and add an edible eye candy in the middle. 
  • Monster apples. Cut a slice out of an apple. Put a pair of fake fangs in the opening and stick on a pair of edible eyes. An alternative is the classic caramel apple!
  • Cupcakes or cookies decorated for the occasion. 

Try some of the simple crafts above for a fun, family-friendly Halloween celebration!


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