Fostering the Father-Daughter Relationship

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For most men, when they are told they are going to be a dad, they are nervous and uneasy. When those same men are told they will be the father to a little girl, the anxiety increases even more. We all know the father daughter relationship is influential and important, but just how are we to achieve that relationship?

Day One

Be a part of your daughter’s life from the day she is born. The father daughter relationship takes time to grow so why not start from the very beginning? Being involved in the care of your newborn baby including holding her, changing her, and feeding her can create a bond from day one. Although this may seem intimidating, ask for pointers and you will be a pro in no time. 

Common Interests

Girls have the need to be physically active just as much as their brothers do! Get outside and teach your daughter the sports that interest you such as football, soccer, or golf. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy these activities together. You can even go to live sporting events and make a day of being together.

Be There

Simply being present for your daughter can create great strides toward fostering your father daughter relationship. Be there for her in the happy times as well as the hard times. She will need you to be strong for her when she cannot be. Talk with her about simple things such as her day as well as the more complicated things such as how she is feeling. Being present with your daughter will certainly mean the world to her.

The benefits of a fruitful father daughter relationship are endless. From improved self-esteem and self-confidence to academic success and a fruitful career. These benefits are minor, however, in comparison to the value of a relationship that will last a lifetime. 

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