Our Family Series: Father’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Ideally, fathers and children honor and appreciate the mother of their household throughout the year, but there is one day in particular these efforts must really shine. Mother’s Day is often seen as a day when children show their mother how much they care for her, but fathers should most definitely take part in making the holiday special. 

If you’re feeling a little stressed about planning, try these tips for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Plan Ahead with Your Kids

Don’t wait until the morning of Mother’s Day to plan events with your children. If they’re old enough to actively participate, sit them down a week or two ahead of time and brainstorm ideas about how to show their appreciation. This will also give you time to pick up crafting supplies for your kids’ homemade Mother’s Day presents.

Give Her A Break

Even if your children’s mother has a busy day ahead of her, give her a break whenever possible. If she’s able to sleep in, let her. Take care of the morning routine for her. If she works in the morning and doesn’t get home until later, handle the evening’s events and let her relax a bit. 

Doing household chores that she normally does is a great way to ensure she doesn’t have anything unnecessary on her plate during the holiday.

Spend Time with Her

Spend as much time as you can with your partner on Mother’s Day. Simply showing you want to be around her is a loving gesture she’ll appreciate. If possible, move your schedule around so you can celebrate with her.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to set aside time to do something fun as a family, whether it’s a quiet evening playing games or a rigorous adventure outdoors.

Cook for Her / Take Her Out

Taking care of breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner is a good idea if you want to give your partner something special on Mother’s Day. However, if you aren’t a skilled cook, you can opt for taking her out to her favorite restaurant in lieu of preparing something at home.

Gift Her with Something She’ll Like

Ideally, you know what your partner likes, so keep her preferences in mind when you’re picking out a Mother’s Day gift for her. A “World’s Best Mom” coffee mug is a cute idea for a child, but not so much for a spouse. 

If you’re at all unsure about what to get her, it might be a good idea to ask her directly. This way, you’re sure to present her with something she’ll actually enjoy receiving.

Most of the time, mothers really appreciate genuine, loving efforts above a big gift that lacks sincerity. The way she spends Mother’s Day with her family often means more than the gifts she receives. 

So as a father, do the best you can to get the kids to get along, take care of the housework, and show the mother of your children how much she means to your family. A genuine effort from you on Mother’s Day will make for a reciprocated effort from her on Father’s Day.








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