The Big Return: 6 Ways to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

first day school

The first day of school can be stressful, whether it’s your child’s first day back or it’s their first day ever. Plenty of children are anxious about going back to school, and as their parent, here are a few things you can do to prepare them for the new year.

#1- Talk to Other Parents

If you know other parents of school-aged children, talk with them about the upcoming school year. It’s a good idea to be on the same supportive page as other parents as it allows you to participate in a positive network.

#2- Set Up a Homework Area

Set up a place for your child to do their homework. A comfortable, upright, distraction-free environment is a smart way to ensure that your child can maintain the focus he/she needs to study at home. Also, do your best to be available to help.

#3- Examine Your Child’s Feelings

Talk to your child about how they’re feeling as the new school year approaches. Encourage their excitement for the positives and try to quell anxiety they’re experiencing in the face of upcoming challenges. Let them know you support them and that you’re available to listen.

#4- Collaborate with Teachers

Meet each of your child’s teachers and provide them with your contact information. Teachers appreciate a parent who makes himself/herself available if concerns arise in the classroom. 

If your child has medical conditions or anything the teacher should know about, be sure to discuss it with them before the first day of school. 

#5- Shop for School Clothes/Supplies

To help get your child excited about the new school year, take him/her shopping for new clothes and school supplies. Let the child pick out a few things they like as well. Wearing a new shirt they like or using a themed backpack they chose themselves will give the child something positive to associate with the first day of school.

#6- Help Your Child Set a Goal

Even if it’s a small goal, help your child think of something they want to accomplish during the new school year. Write it down, hang it up somewhere they will see it, and keep checking in to talk about the steps they’re taking to reach that goal.


After the first day of school has come and gone, it’s important to remain aware of how your child is doing during the school year. While ups and downs are normal, staying involved will help you determine when you need to intervene after a setback or bad day occurs. Vigilance is a great way to keep your child on a positive track.

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