Frugal Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Child

Christmas is just around the corner! When looking for ways to celebrate, it is easy to feel like everything is extra expensive this time of year. From Christmas gifts for the family to special sprinkles for cookies, it can get overwhelming to think of the extra cost of celebrating, but it does not have to be that way! Here are three ways to celebrate the season frugally with your child!

1. Get outside!

However many times we do it, playing in a white winter wonderland just never gets old! Bundle up tightly and go outside to try something new! There are all sorts of fun things to do when the temperature drops, and you probably have everything you need in your garage or shed!  If you have no snow, try going on a winter walk, or play some games from other seasons with a few extra layers! There’s no reason you can’t play soccer or fly a kite with a coat on!

2. Craft some little gifts for friends, teachers, and more!

Not every gift has to break the bank! Little ones love giving things they have made to people around them, and there are lots of Christmas crafts that are inexpensive and fun! Make little ornaments like paper snowflakes, bake cookies together, and find ways to get kids involved in giving! Some other easy DIY gifts include sugar scrubs, chocolate dipped pretzels, and ornaments decorated with glitter or markers.

3. Have friends over for some holiday-themed fun!

The holiday season is the perfect time to catch up with people, but sometimes it can be hard to know what is expected or how to host. One great way to have people over for a fun and frugal party is a hot cocoa bar! Make a big batch of hot cocoa or pick up some packets at the store, and let your child pick out a few toppings! There are lots of ideas for fun toppings, for adults and kids alike! From dark chocolate to mini marshmallows, pick a few of your favorites to have out and encourage your friends to each bring their favorite! Other great ideas for holiday-themed and kid-friendly parties include indoor “picnics” by the Christmas tree, having stations for kids to make their own ornaments, and of course, the classic ugly Christmas sweater party.

Now you are prepared for a holiday full of frugal and family-friendly fun!

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