Fun Activities for the Easter Season

fun easter activities

As the Easter season approaches, it’s a great time to find enjoyable family activities to celebrate. There are many Easter activities for kids of all ages that can help make the holiday even more fun. Here are some activities to try with your kids this Easter season. 

Decorating Eggs

Egg decorating is a classic Easter activity. Start by hard boiling the eggs. You can then decorate them the traditional way by dipping them in mixtures of food coloring and water, or by using another method. Instead of dip-dyeing the eggs, you could use paint or markers to create unique designs. Add on accessories like googly eyes, hair, or anything else your child can come up with and attach with glue. 

Candy Guessing Game 

Make a fun family challenge by filing a clear jar or container with the Easter candy of your choice (jellybeans, chocolate eggs, etc). Have each member of your family write down their guesses for how many candies are in a jar. Easily include relatives around the world by hopping on a video chat to have them examine the jar. Around Easter time, choose a winner and gift a small prize. 

Bunny Race

Host an “Easter bunny race” in your yard or living room. If you have extra, use pillowcases as jumping sacks, or just have everyone bunny hop. See who can bunny hop the fastest across the finish line. Try different matchups and time the bunny hops so everyone can work to beat their times. You can add many variations, like holding hands or hopping on one leg to keep the fun going. 

Easter and Spring Crafts

Whip out the construction paper, paint, popsicle sticks, fabric, scraps, and crafting supplies. Be creative when finding materials. Old jars, toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, marshmallows, and many other household items can make great craft materials. Look up some Easter or spring images for inspiration and let your imagination go to work. Let your kids experiment with different materials and colors to create some Easter crafts. Hang them up around the house for decoration. Some ideas include:

  • Bunny ears
  • A themed drawing or painting 
  • Headbands
  • Easter eggs made from paper 
  • Bunny face created from a paper plate 
  • Paper flower bouquet 


Make Easter fun for kids of all ages and ring in the spring with some of these fun activities. The ideas above are just a starting point. Add your own twist to come up with many more engaging activities to do this Easter season.


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