Fun Ideas to Bring the Whole Family Together for the Super Bowl

super bowl

The Super Bowl is a huge event that often brings families together to celebrate. However, kids and adults often separate during the event. Adults tend to watch the game while kids are off playing by themselves. 

Fortunately, there are some fun ways to bring everyone together during the Super Bowl. Here are a few ideas to try!

Family Dinner

Snacks and treats are great during the Super Bowl, but one unique twist to try is a family dinner. No need to cook if you don’t want to, but enjoying a meal together during the big game is a great way to chat and involve everyone. Order in your family’s favorite meal (like pizza, wings, tacos, you name it!) and enjoy some of the events together over dinner. 

Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt 

One of the reasons kids skip the game to go and play is because it can get long and boring for them. Creating a scavenger hunt can make it more exciting. You can create a scavenger hunt for the game itself, the commercials, or both. Have a list of things to look for and each person in your family competes to complete the list first. 

Halftime Talent Show 

Halftime is a great time to involve your kids. Let them put on their own mini halftime show. Treat it like a talent show, where each child gets their time to shine. Set up a “stage” area and give everyone a chance to perform for halftime. 

Toss the Ball 

There’s no need to have a full-fledged football game in your home (unless you want to!), but playing catch can make the event more fun for kids. Use a real football, a round ball, a beach ball, or whatever you want to play some catch during the game. 

Guess How Many

Fill up a jar with something everyone enjoys, like coins, candy, etc. Hold a competition to guess how many there are. People get until halftime to submit their guess on paper, and then the winner is announced at the end of the game. 

The Super Bowl is a fun event that can also be family-friendly. There are many enjoyable games and activities you can try with your friends and family this year. Start out with some of the ideas above and create an event that people of all ages will love. 


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