Fun At The Festival — Keeping Your Child Safe During Festival Season

Fall brings a lot of fun things for the family to do! Leaf piles, hot chocolate, and of course a festival or two! Autumn tends to be a common time for towns to have their local festivals, with everything from competitions, to delicious fair food, to games and rides for all ages. While this can all make a great family-friendly night out, there are also some risks. Here are a few common concerns and how to keep your kids safe from them!

Concern: Kids Running Off & Getting Lost

Where there are crowds, there are kids running amok, right? It’s a common fear in the hearts of parents that a child will, all of a sudden, disappear into the crowd, likely running after a tasty festival treat or a prize that caught their eye.

Solution: Make Them Easy to Find

In order to avoid this, try having everyone wear brightly colored shirts to make them easier to spot! That way, even if they are to dart away briefly, it will not be difficult to find them again. Bonus points if they’re all the same or similar colors! For younger children, do not fear the backpack leash — it may feel a little weird at first, but it is a great tool, and can be fun for the kids if they get to help pick out which kind they want. There are different colors, different kinds of animals, and more!

Concern: Older Kids Hanging Out (Separately) With Friends

Older kids are probably going to want to spread their wings a bit in these situations. They don’t want to hang out by the kiddie rides for little brother or sister, and they will probably have friends who would love to try out some of the bigger rides together! This is a great opportunity for them to have a little fun in a relatively safe environment that is close to home, but it can still be stressful when it comes time to drop them off all by themselves.

Solution: Stay In Touch With A Prepaid Phone

For older children, it may be worthwhile to invest in a cell phone for these situations if they don’t have one yet, such as a prepaid Tracfone! These cell phones are great for teens who are not yet ready for the responsibility of a “real” cell phone, as they are inexpensive, can be monitored by you, and will still allow them to call or text you as needed. This way, you can also reach them at any time to check in while they are at the festival, so you won’t be left worrying and wondering about what they are up to.

Concern: Meltdowns

Every parent knows that feeling when you are out and about, having a ball, and suddenly it all becomes a little too much for one of the littler ones. With all the lights, noises, people, and sugary treats at fall festivals, it is not hard for younger kids to have a little too much fun.

Solution: Set Limits Before You Go

Decide how much will be too much, and make sure the limits are clear before you go. Go early and leave early to make sure you don’t risk being out past bedtime, and to make sure you are there during the more family-oriented hours. Another great place to set some limits is to restrict sugar intake! Before you go, make sure your kids know how many treats they will be getting, and stick with whatever boundaries you set. This will help keep any sugar crash meltdowns away!

Fall festivals are a great way to have fun out as a family, and now that you are armed with these tips to keep everyone in your group safe, you can go out and enjoy them without the worry!

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