Fun, Safe Ways to Celebrate New Years with Preteens

new year's eve

Preteens often want to get together with friends for New Year’s Eve. However, New Year’s can be an incredibly fun holiday to celebrate as a family. Additionally, celebrating with your preteens will ensure they stay out of trouble. 

The only problem is that most preteens won’t want to stay home to celebrate with their family. Here are some fun, safe ways to celebrate New Year’s this year to make sure your whole family has a great time!

Yearly Scrapbook

One fun activity is to review memories from the past year. You can print out photos and create a unique scrapbook, or you can make a digital version. Look back at some of the most exciting, interesting, funny, and special memories from the past year. You can also have each family member share their favorite memory. This activity is bound to get some laughs going!

Invite Family Friends 

Preteens are bound to want to spend time with friends. A way to allow this while still keeping them safe is to invite one of their friends’ families over for New Year’s Eve. You can all spend time together and swap traditions while your child still gets to spend time with a friend. 

Ball Drop Celebration  

Gather everyone to watch the ball drop for the new year. Make this an enjoyable celebration for your preteen. Throw confetti, use noisemakers, and toast with some kid-friendly beverages. Watch the ball drop live on TV and wish each other a Happy New Year!

Dress Up 

New Year’s is known for being a fancy holiday with sparkles. Have a dress-up party where everyone where’s their New Year’s best for the evening. Have fun with it, and your kids will as well. Add a few accessories people can choose from at the party, like bead necklaces, feather boas, crowns, etc. Set up a cute photo booth area where everyone can snap festive photos as well. 

Game Night 

Keep kids busy all evening long with a game marathon. Some game ideas include:

  • Monopoly
  • Uno
  • Spades
  • Karaoke
  • Charades 
  • Head’s Up
  • And many more!

Pull out some of those old board games and card games for your game marathon! Bring a few tasty snacks and stir up some friendly competition. 

Preteens may not always be thrilled to spend time with family on New Years’, but there are many easy ways to make the night enjoyable. Try some of the New Year’s Eve ideas above this holiday! 


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