Bringing Back Board Games to Family Time

game night

Board games have been a staple of quiet nights at home with the family for many decades, but if you’re new to family game nights, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on a game to bring home. 

It may take a few attempts to find a game your whole family enjoys, but if you’d like to improve your odds of having a rewarding game night, take a look at the tips below to help you plan. 

Timing Matters

Choosing a convenient time to initiate a board game night with your family is an important part of ensuring their enjoyment. Pick a time when your family doesn’t have anything pressing to do, and start early in the evening.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to select a shorter game if your family is not used to sitting around the table for long periods of time.

Age-Appropriate Games

To make sure everyone is able to participate and have fun, pick age-appropriate games. With the massive number of games on the market today, it’s quite easy to pick a few that most of your family members can follow without becoming overwhelmed or bored. 

If very young children are playing, adults might want to pair up with them so that they can participate without being completely on their own.

Collaborative Efforts

In many families, competition amongst family members can get out of hand during board games. If this is an issue you’re worried about, take a look at some of the collaborative board game options to choose from. Games that enable the players to work together are not only a great way to develop teamwork skills, but they also help ensure everyone has a good time during game night.

Supplement with Food and Drinks

Instead of simply getting together to play a board game, organize your evening to enhance the experience. Order takeout or buy snacks before your family sits down to play. Supplementing your game session with food and drinks (especially food and drinks you don’t get very often) can make the evening feel more like a special occasion. Setting a fun mood is a key part of encouraging your whole family to enjoy themselves. 

Finally, when your family sits down for game night, ask everyone to leave their electronics in another room. This way, they’ll be able to engage with one another during the game and give themselves the opportunity to have fun without outside distractions.

Remember, not every board game is going to be a hit for the entire family, but doing your best to include everyone will help you make smart decisions.


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