Good Friday Ideas

Good Friday ideas

The Friday before Easter is a Christian holiday to remember the Crucifixion of Jesus. Known as “Good Friday” it is generally a sorrowful holiday, but it is an important one for kids to understand, especially in relation to Easter. To keep kids engaged and help them learn about the holiday, try some family activities. 

Make a Crown of Thorns 

This craft may be best for older children, but you could also make it more age-appropriate by using construction paper. Create a crown of thorns with your children using the materials of your choice. As kids age, you can try this craft with more realistic materials, but to start out just create one out of paper or paper plates. As you make the crowns, explain their meaning and talk with your children about the sacrifices Jesus made. 

Children’s Book or Movie

Teaching kids about Good Friday can be difficult, as it was a somber time. Children of all ages may have trouble understanding what happened and why, and it’s not always easy to explain this as an adult. Seek out an age-appropriate book or movie that can help you teach your children about Good Friday, Easter, and the events of the time. 

Create Crosses

Many kids have seen crosses, but may not fully understand their meaning. Use Good Friday as a time to talk about the meaning of the cross and all Jesus did for us. Make cross crafts from the materials of your choice. You could even have kids write a relevant bible verse, quote, or something they appreciate Jesus did on the cross. Some ways to make crosses include:

  • Clay
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Candy 
  • Wood
  • Paper plates
  • Paint
  • Yarn 
  • Foil and foam 

Have a Last Supper

The Gospel describes the Last Supper as the final meal Jesus shared with his apostles before the crucifixion. Technically, the last supper falls on Maundy Thursday. You could host it on Thursday night and talk about how it relates to Good Friday. Use this as an opportunity to cook a delicious meal as a family while still memorializing and appreciating Jesus and the meaning of Good Friday. 


Good Friday is not always the most fun or joyous holiday to celebrate, but it is a very important one for kids to learn about. Incorporating some Good Friday family activities will help your kids learn more about the holiday, and it will also shed light on the happiness and rejoicing of Easter.


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