Healthier and Delicious Christmas Treats

christmas treats

Christmas cookie baking is a nostalgic experience of familiar scents wafting from the kitchen soon to be tantalizing our taste buds and consumed by all in attendance. The recipes have been passed down throughout the generations with only slight adaptations as to not to take away from the original goodness of these Christmas treats. But what happens when you are trying to be more healthy in your food choices this season? We have a few suggestions for you as you enjoy the flavors of the season.

Is someone in your family sensitive to common ingredients such as gluten, egg, or dairy? Simply do a Google search for your favorite Christmas recipes without common allergens. Many websites offer alternative ingredients to use that result in an equally delicious goodies without the allergens and sometimes without the extra calories!  

Try swapping out one of your cookie recipes with an adorable fruit alternative. So many ideas from watermelon Santa hats to fruit salad Christmas trees could liven up your table and add nutrients to your dessert tray. Fruit is a great way to get that little bit of sweetness along with the many vitamins we are all need.

Think outside the box when considering delicious treats to set out for your family and friends to enjoy. Maybe a festive veggie tray or cheese cut into the shapes of ornaments served with whole grain crackers will fill up little tummies before the sweets come out. These simple ideas help everyone get the nutrients their bodies need while still being able to enjoy the sweets.

Often we associate Christmastime get togethers as being filled with indulgent foods we might not otherwise consider eating. What if we instead sprinkle in some healthy alternatives in the form of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables so we can enjoy those treats with a little less guilt?

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