Fun, Healthy Habits for the Whole Family This Summer

Summer is full of fun opportunities to enjoy time with friends and family! Cookouts, ice cream shops, and lazy days are some of the favorite pieces of summer vacation, but sometimes they do not end up being the healthiest. How can you and your children enjoy all that summertime has to offer without sacrificing your health? We have a few tips for you!

Farmer’s Markets

Have you checked out your local farmer’s market lately? There are so many fun things to explore! The classic fruits, veggies, and crafts will be there, and you will also have the chance to pick out something new! Try to find a new fruit or vegetable for the whole family to try, and if you need ideas about how to prepare it, the individuals running the stands can often tell you their favorite way of preparing their produce. If all else fails, there’s always Google and Pinterest to get some ideas!

Heathy Side Dishes

At your next cookout or picnic, offer to bring something nutritious and delicious! Instead of junk food like chips and sugar-filled foods, try bringing veggies and dip or a fruit-based, homemade sorbet! You can scour the internet for recipes using in-season fruits and vegetables that almost look too good to eat, and it will undoubtedly be a fun way to switch things up! We think these fruit skewers look pretty awesome, and are easy to prepare. These cucumber bites are also a delicious break from the expected! Get creative with all of the fresh fruits and veggies available in your area during the summer months, and experiment with different flavor combinations to find your own personal favorite!

Take a Hike

Rather than suggesting another day lounging around, why not try doing something active? Go to a local park with paths to explore, sign up for a Geocaching app and explore the town in search of geocaches, or see what events are happening in your area! Art festivals, community events, and outdoor concerts are just a few outdoor activities that could be a fun and fit change of pace.

These tips will give your children plenty of opportunities to play outside and enjoy all that the warm weather has to offer this summer! Healthy habits are easy to make and keep when you are all having fun!

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