Healthy On-The-Go Snacks For Your Child

child eating healthy snacks

Fall is full of commitments at church, school, and for kid’s extracurriculars, so it’s valuable to have healthy, homemade snacks that you can take on the go with you! Here are some healthy snacks that you can take with you, and that you and your child will enjoy.

1. Quick protein

Healthy, crunchy, and protein-packed, roasted chickpeas are a great snack to prepare and take on the go! Throw them in the oven while you’re getting ready with some seasonings, and they’ll be ready to pack and take with you all day when you are heading out the door! Try different seasoning mixes to spice things up every time you make them!

2. Sweet staples

Try making a yogurt parfait that you can grab and take on the go with you! Layer fresh fruit, nuts, and yogurt in a mason jar, drizzle with a little honey, and close the lid for a quick and portable treat! You can store these parfaits in the fridge for 3-5 days, so make some on the weekend and they will be ready to grab when you need them. Another sweet, healthy snack to take on the road is energy bites! These are easy to make ahead in big batches, and then throw in the fridge in single-portion Ziploc bags. Another make-ahead option is smoothie bags, which you can make into smoothies for your family in just a few minutes! Pack them up in a reusable cup and you are good to go. There are a ton of different recipes with all sorts of flavors, so experiment a bit and find your family’s favorites! If you don’t have time to prepare, fresh fruit is always a great standby.

3. Homemade bars

Who doesn’t love a good snack bar? The problem is, many store-bought snack bars are loaded with sugar, and can be expensive. Instead, try making your own! There are a ton of different recipes, from nut-based bars to more fruity options. Take to Pinterest with your kids, and find a few different options that you all would like! Try making in bulk and saving them! You can make a different flavor each weekend, and after a month you’ll have multiple flavors to rotate. Add some fresh nuts or salt to the top to mix things up and add some extra crunch.

Now you have lots of healthy, homemade snack options to keep you and your kids fueled well!

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