Helping Your Child with Spring Fever

The weather is getting warmer, sports are starting up, and kids are starting to get spring fever! When the weather is finally mild again after the winter, almost everyone is itching to get back outside and play, sometimes at the cost of important school work. Here are some ways to quickly ease your child’s spring fever!

1. Play outside in short bursts

Even if it’s not warm enough to be outside all day, let your kids get outside in short bursts so they can still welcome the change in seasons! Give them the chance to run around a bit after school, or reward them for getting homework done early with extra hours outdoors. However it fits into your day, make sure they get regular time outside so the stress doesn’t build up!

2. Try doing normal things outside

The yard isn’t just for playing! Try taking walks together, going to the park for a picnic, or even doing homework outside at a table or on a quilt. If you live close enough to places you normally go, such as a grocery store or friend’s house, take the time to walk there instead of driving! Enjoy whatever opportunities there are to get just a little more fresh air into their day. Just being able to feel the sun on their face while doing a normal activity can alleviate some of that need for outside time.

3. Use extra reminders and tools to help them stay on task

If your child has trouble focusing with the warmer weather, take advantage of tools to help them remember things! From a whiteboard checklist to a reminder app on an electronic device, there are lots of ways to help your children remember what they need to accomplish on a given day.

Now you are ready to help your children succeed through spring fever!

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