Helping Your Kids Stay Healthy At School

The school year has come again, and while it is exciting for parents to see their children get back to learning, it comes with one big risk: germs. With that, many children in a single building for so many hours, it seems like every child is bound to get sick at least a couple times every semester, especially for the younger classes! Some studies even say that elementary school children average getting sick between eight and twelve times every school year. Although the battle may feel hopeless, fear not! Here are some ways you can fight to win in this battle against sickness:

Teach Your Kids To Wash Well

Although most parents make their children wash their hands regularly, it often slips their minds to make sure that their children wash their hands well. Teach them to sing a song while they wash to make sure they get enough time in, and help them learn how to rub the soap all over their hands to make sure they get as clean as possible. For more tips on teaching kids to wash their hands, check out this list!

Eat Healthy Foods

The healthier your kids are from the get-go, the harder it will be for illnesses to take them down! If you keep their bodies well nourished with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, it will help their body fight off sicknesses before they even start.

Keep Your Sick Kids Home, & Encourage Your Friends To Do The Same

Plain and simple: if your kid is sick, keep them home! If it seems like they are less than their best, and are sick enough that they would not have a success-filled day at school, that is a good way to tell if it is time to keep them home. Although it may seem like a hassle, wouldn’t you want another parent to protect your child’s health by keeping their kid home? It’s best for everyone involved if the sick child can rest and heal at home without getting any of their classmates or teachers sick.

While sickness is sometimes inevitable, these three tips will give your kid a great set of armor to ward off the illnesses in their school!

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