Helping Your Active Child Stay Cool This Summer

As the summer fun begins, most children can’t wait to be active outdoors. But high temperatures often shorten the fun. Here are some simple ways to keep your child cooled off so the fun lasts longer.

  1. Cold air or soothing mist

When getting wet isn’t an option, you can create your own cold breeze by filling a metal bowl with ice and angling a fan to blow cool air towards your children as they play. This works best indoors where the ice won’t melt as fast. Don’t have a fan to use? You can also whip up a simple 4-ingredient skin cooling mist to spritz on little arms and faces as they heat up.

  1. Set up a cooling station outside

When your children are playing in the backyard, they can take a quick pit stop at a cooling station to ease some of the heat before heading back out to continue their fun. Something as simple as setting up a sprinkler can be a fun way for kids to cool off for a minute or two. You can use a basic yard sprinkler or make your own with a pool noodle and a hose. For tiny tots, set up a small pool where they can splash around. This fun frog pond for little ones may be just the thing to keep them occupied and prevent overheating.

  1. Set up some water games

Nothing helps kids stay cool and active at the same time like a good water game! Water balloons are a great option for older kids. An alternative version involves using sponges instead of water balloons. These DIY water bombs have a gentler impact and can easily be refilled. Or, a friendly game of water gun tag is always a great way to get wet and cool without having to break out the swimsuits. Give one child the water gun, or provide each child with one and let them invent their own game.

These few simple activities can keep kids eager to play outside, even in the hot weather.

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