Helping Your Kids Finish The School Year Strong

finish school

School’s out for summer!

Kids of any age can get behind that line from Alice Cooper’s 1972 hit School’s Out

But, school is not quite out yet. 

While kids anxiously approach summer, it can be hard to keep them focused for school. The last thing you want to see is your child throw away all of their hard work because they fall off near the end of the school year.

Now is the most important time to help your child finish school strong. Here are some ways to do so. 

Plan a Summer Bucket List with Expectations

Help your child have something to look forward to. Work together to create a list of fun activities you want to do over the summer. Talk about how fun it will be and the much-needed break they will have. Then, layout the expectations you have for the rest of the school year. Explain how you have to see their full effort to finish out the school year in order to be able to do the summer bucket list. 

Daily Check-In

Don’t let up just because the school year is coming to an end. The very last weeks of school are often filled with final exams, projects, and other important work. Check-in with your child on a daily basis to see what they have yet to do. Ask how they are doing and see if there are any ways you can help. Remind your child that they’re in the final stretch and just need to close out the year on a good note. 

Early Homework Time

As the days stretch longer, kids will want to be outside and enjoying the weather. It’s great for kids to be active and get fresh air, but you shouldn’t let them neglect their homework. If possible, have your child complete their homework first. Check it over to make sure it wasn’t rushed but set the expectation that they must finish homework before heading to play. This will ensure they handle their schoolwork and don’t save it until bedtime to rush and to do it. 

As summer approaches, it is hard for kids to stay focused on school. Work with your child to come up with clear expectations for finishing out school strong. During the last part of the school year, you may need to check-in with your child and their grades more often to ensure they stay on track.


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