Helping Your Teen Read More This Summer

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Many teens look forward to summer as a break from school, books, and anything that reminds them of either. As a parent, however, you know that reading is important for your child to continue developing healthily and stay ahead in school. Here are a few ways you can help your teen read more this summer!

Check your local library’s programs

Many local libraries have summer reading programs for children and teens, and for good reason! There are many benefits to involving your child in a summer reading program, including an added motivation to read more books. In addition to a program like this, your library may have activities like book clubs that are just for teens! Try looking at their website or talking to a librarian today to get an idea of what your library will have available for your teen, and talk to them about which programs most interest them. By involving them in these programs, you can help your teen connect with a community that centers around reading! These communities can be valuable for socialization and encouragement to read more over the course of the summer.

Make interesting books accessible to them

While your home may be full of books, it’s possible that the books you currently have aren’t very interesting to your teen. To encourage them to read more, try to make sure that interesting, good books are accessible to them! Try taking them to places like libraries or bookstores and letting them pick out books that are interesting to them, or leave a variety of different books around the house and see what they pick up! If you live far away from your nearest library or bookstore, consider letting them use a site like GoodReads to connect with others and learn more about books that may interest them.

Consider including other forms of media

Does your child love movies, but hate reading? Do they struggle with reading, but listen well? Don’t be afraid to break out of what you may recognize as reading. Consider picking out a book that has a movie version coming out later this summer, and tell your child if they finish the book then you’ll take them out to see the movie and get some ice cream or dinner. It may also be a good idea to consider getting them some audiobooks, so they can read by listening instead of reading a physical paperback or hardcover book.

Whether your teen is an avid reader or a resistant reader, these tips will get you on your way to helping your teen read more this summer!

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