Honor your Father and Mother

The Ten Commandments, a set of laws given to Moses on Mount Sinai to instruct the people of God on how to live their lives, have been taught for thousands of years. These commandments are like a 101 course on living a life pleasing to God. One of the commandments parents may enjoy teaching their children about is “Honor your Father and your Mother”. This sounds like a great lesson for our children to learn, and may be better received than simply saying “because I said so.” However, what exactly does it mean for children to honor their parents?

Honor and Obedience

In Pastor Jack Hyles book, How to Rear Children, he stated that children are to honor their parents by obeying what is asked of them. Obedience is demonstrated by a child when he or she does what the parent asks without question or complaining. Colossians 3:20 and Ephesians 6:1 both urge children to obey their parents in the Lord as it is the proper thing to do in God’s sight. So long as the parents’ will aligns with God’s Word, it is a child’s responsibility to obey.

Honor and Respect

According to this post by author Jani Ortlund, the English word honor comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to be heavy” or “to give weight.” Honoring someone means giving weight to their importance. Children honor their parents by showing them respect and taking their word seriously.

Simple ways of Honoring

Children often need simple terms  to know what it means to honor their father and mother. Here are five quick ways in which you can teach them to do so:

  1. Do not complain when they do not get their way
  2. Pick up after oneself
  3. Initiate chores instead of having to be asked to do them
  4. Say “please” and “thank you”
  5. Make eye contact when being spoken to

The Ten Commandments are more than simple instructions suggested by God, they are the way in which God intended us to live. Teaching your children the importance of all of the commandments is very important as they grow in their Christian walk, and this commandment is a great place to start.

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