How to Create Your Own Easter Tradition as a Family

Easter provides a wonderful opportunity to bring loved ones together, but in addition to the common Easter Sunday traditions, you might be looking for ways to make the holiday unique to your family.

To create your own Easter traditions as a family, take a look at these five-holiday ideas for inspiration.

Easter Scavenger Hunts

Egg hunts are a long-standing Easter tradition, but if you’d like to add your own spin on this part of the holiday, it might be fun to set up a scavenger hunt for your family. Scavenger hunts inspire teamwork and can be a fun way to celebrate Easter.

Plant a Spring Garden

Planting a small spring garden with your family is an excellent way to celebrate rebirth on Easter. Whether you choose to start a couple of plants or many, planting and maintaining a garden as it grows can be a long-lasting family project.

Select Easter Media

There are quite a few Easter movies and a wide variety of Easter music to enjoy during the holiday. If you have family over to celebrate, watching an Easter movie that you selected together or listening to Easter music is one way to create your own tradition.

Additionally, if your family is musically inclined, you might also decide to play instruments and sing together.

Prepare Food Together

While there is a selection of traditional food to eat on Easter Sunday, having your family work together to prepare food items that are meaningful to your family is an effective way to create your own tradition. 

For example, you might choose to bake and decorate Easter-themed cookies or cupcakes with your children, or you and other family members might get together to make food items that are culturally significant (babka wielkanocna, kugelis, paska, spanakopita, etc.).

Incorporate the Spirit of the Season

The way your family celebrates Easter should reflect your unique identity. If you attend church, taking part in an Easter service with your community can be a unifying part of your family’s Easter routine.

Afterward, you might include the concept of rebirth and renewal in your celebration by:

  • choosing to try a healthy new habit as a family
  • going for a hike to take in the fresh spring air
  • sharing goals that you hope to achieve by the end of the year
  • adopting and caring for a small pet (if appropriate).

There’s no one way to celebrate Easter, and finding ways to make the holiday a unique experience for your family can be immensely rewarding. Gathering with people you love and making pleasant memories, regardless of how is an ideal way to spend any holiday.


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