How to Party as a Family for Independence Day

independence day

Independence Day is coming up, and if you’re part of a family with young children, you might be wondering how to celebrate the holiday in a way that will be fun for them without being boring or overwhelming for you.

Holidays can be difficult to plan, especially for families. However, summer events like Independence Day may be a bit easier to celebrate thanks to the warm weather and community involvement that usually accompanies July 4th.

Take a look at the following tips to plan a memorable 4th of July for your entire family. 

Attend a Parade

Independence Day parades are a staple of celebrating the holiday in many cities and small towns. They’re usually a fun way to spend the early part of the day, especially for younger children who will likely enjoy watching the floats and animals pass by.

Take a look at your town, city, or neighborhood’s official website or social media accounts to determine whether a parade will be scheduled in your area. 

Go to a Block Party

Block parties are a great way to interact with other families in your neighborhood. Adults and children alike can get together to play games, talk, share food, and celebrate the 4th of July while waiting for the sun to set. 

Check Out the Fireworks

For many families, the funnest part of Independence Day is watching the fireworks. Most small towns have public fireworks displays, and larger cities offer several. Take a look at the different offerings available in your area and be sure to arrive early so that you can find a decent viewing space. Public fireworks shows tend to get crowded quickly.
If you’re close to the center of your town, you might even be able to watch the fireworks from your own yard. This option may be preferable if you have young children who are not accustomed to loud noises.

Spend Time Outside

If the weather permits, spending time outside with your family is a great way to enjoy Independence Day. Playing games, going for a swim, or hiking with your children and pets can encourage family bonding and generate positive memories.


No matter what you do to celebrate the 4th of July, be sure to wear sun protection and exercise water safety. Keep it simple and enjoy the time you’re spending with your loved ones as you honor US independence. 




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