Indoor Exercises to do with Your Child

Christmas has come and gone, and now is about when kids start to go stir crazy in the house! It may still be cold outside, but everyone is ready to get moving once the Christmas food coma has worn off. Here are some ways to get active with your child without having to go outside!

1. Five-minute bursts between other things

In between activities, places to go, episodes, or whatever else the kids are doing, take time for five-minute bursts of exercise! Even just a few minutes of exercise every day can make a big difference, for adults and for kids. It’s also a great way to get the fidgets out!

2. Use the technology available to you

There are tools like smartphone apps that can give you ideas or even specific routines to do at home, with whatever equipment you have! Use tools like this to try new things with your kids and develop healthier routines together. By exercising with your kids, you are showing them that taking care of their bodies is an important priority!

3. Keep it exciting

While routines are valuable, don’t just do the same thing every day! Did you do a lot of jumping jacks yesterday? Try some new stretches today! Did your kids seem bored trying planks last week? Maybe run up and down up the stairs a few times. Another great way to keep exercise exciting is to listen to some favorite music while working out! You could also try changing speed, going slower or faster for certain moves, using animal names as signals for younger kids!

Now you are ready to help your kids through the stir crazy phase between Christmas and spring, and build healthy habits together too!

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