Involving Your Child in Community Service

Teaching your kids about the value and importance of serving others in the community can be simple and fun. This summer, here are some easy community service projects for you and your children to participate in.

1. Conservation efforts

Get your children started in taking care of the environment by planting a tree! This is a simple way to teach them about the value of nature. Over time, they will see their efforts pay off as their tree grows. You can also help prevent litter by organizing a clean up crew. And, to make it more interesting, turn it into a scavenger hunt! Your kids will have fun looking for different objects as they make your city a cleaner place.

2. Helping the homeless

Make homeless bags and hand them out on street corners. This can teach your kids about the value of helping others who have less than themselves. These bags are easy to make, and can provide a homeless person with necessary materials for survival. Or, volunteer at a soup kitchen as a family! Even during non-holiday times of the year, there is always a need for volunteers. Also, you can collect cans of food for shelters and food banks. You can use this site to find your nearest food bank. Have a prize at the end for whoever collects the most cans!

3. Assisting the elderly

As they help the elderly in their community, kids can also build valuable friendships. One way to do this is to become a companion for someone at an assisted living facility. There are several different programs available which will help your child stay in touch with and regularly visit their buddy. Encourage your child to do chores or yardwork for an elderly neighbor. There are many options for helping indoors and outdoors, to make their lives easier and bring a smile to their face.

Involving children in community service is a great way to teach them valuable life lessons, build a bond with others, and make great memories as a family. Don’t miss out on these fun opportunities!

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