Involving Your Little Ones in the Housework

No matter their age, toddlers to teens can learn valuable lessons by helping around the house. Here are some tips to involve your little ones in the housework.

1. Make a Chores Chart

A chores chart will help your child keep track of their progress, and stay on task. It will also help them get used to regular responsibilities. Simply asking them to help every now and then won’t get the point across. With a chores chart, they have daily or weekly tasks to complete. You can find free printable chore charts – like this one – online. Post it on the wall in their room, the kitchen, or an easily accessible space, and let them use stickers to mark their progress. To make this process even more simple, make sure you are specific with your instructions and show them each chore step-by-step. Don’t micromanage them – a little trial and error will help them learn!

2. Fill the Chart with Age-Appropriate Chores

Your child will get discouraged if the chores are too difficult. So, try to assign chores which fit your child’s age group. For example, toddlers can help pick up toys, feed the pet, or dust the furniture with socks on their hands. Another simple chore for all ages is setting the table. You can use this printable placemat that shows the location of silverware and plates.

3. Motivate Them

Use a rewards system to help your child work towards a goal. For example, this rewards system suggests a treat after earning 5, 15, or 25 stickers, and so on. The rewards can range from reading an extra book before bed to having a playdate or sleepover. Another way to motivate them is simply by encouraging them! Express appreciation when they do things well, and accept their imperfections. Remember, they are not used to doing chores. A little bit of encouragement from you can go a long way!

Starting your little one with simple chores is a step towards learning responsibility, and it doesn’t have to be difficult!

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