Keep Your Child Playing Outside

One of the big markers of the latest generation is they do not play outside nearly as much as their predecessors. While there is nothing wrong with the tech that tends to keep them wanting to play inside, losing all of that time playing in the yard or down the street can hurt them in the long run. Here are some of the benefits of making sure your child still plays outside!

1. They learn valuable social skills

Whether they are learning taking turns on playground equipment, making new friends in real time, or simply picking up on new social cues, kids put a lot of pieces to the social puzzle together while playing outside!

2. Playing outside builds confidence

Playing outside has fewer structured components than most indoor play, meaning children have more opportunities to try new ways of doing things and build confidence in their abilities! They can make a new game with tennis balls, or create obstacle courses, or create whole universes out of their playgrounds. Playing outside also gives children more opportunities to make mistakes, dust themselves off, and move forward, proving their resilience to themselves. They learn how to take care of themselves, problem-solve, and make things up all on their own!

3. It will help you keep them healthy

Not only does outdoor play build up the immune system, it also helps them get the exercise they need! Few people have the patience to deal with children trying to play tag in the house, but in the yard, there is no speed limit and they can take off as quickly as their feet will carry them. Even in the winter months, playing outdoors can help kids stay healthy by getting them away from stuffy houses and into the fresh air.

Next time your child complains that they are bored, try sending them outside to play!

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