Bring Jesus Back Into Your Christmas Celebration

keep Christ in Christmas

With all of the media focus on presents and Santa, it can be hard to keep Christ in Christmas. 

Undoubtedly, those elements make Christmas fun and exciting for kids. However, it is still important to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas as a family. Teaching kids about Christ and what the holiday is all about is important, but it’s not always easy. 

Here are some ways to bring Jesus back into your Christmas celebration. 

Share the Bible’s Christmas Story 

As the holiday season approaches, set aside some time to read the Christmas story from the Bible. Sit down with your family and read Luke 1:5-56 through 2:1-20. Talk about it as a family, simplifying for young children and answering any questions. Use this time to remind your family of the reason behind Christmas. 

Give to Others 

Part of having Christ in Christmas is to embody his spirit, his kindness, and his goodwill to others. Plan a project this season that gives to others. Some ideas include:

  • Purchasing gifts for a family in need. 
  • Running a toy drive or coat drive. 
  • Raising money to provide meals to those in need. 
  • Volunteering in your community. Help an elderly neighbor with repairs, cook a meal for someone who needs it, or volunteer your time at a homeless shelter. 

Attend Christmas Church Service 

To learn more about Christ and the meaning behind Christmas, attend a church service as a family. Many churches offer children’s groups that will incorporate play and fun into age-appropriate biblical teachings. Others will have a biblically-based Christmas play featuring many of the church’s children. 

Start the Day with Family Prayer 

Naturally, kids will be buzzing with excitement to open gifts and stockings on Christmas Day. Keep Christ in Christmas by making him the first priority. Begin the day with family prayer. You can begin with passages that talk about Jesus, and you can also share ways Jesus has touched you. Starting the day this way reminds your family of the reason for the season, and can help set the tone for gratitude and appreciation. 

Putting Christ in Christmas certainly takes effort and dedication. The holiday season is so busy and filled with material distractions, but it’s important to remind kids (and even ourselves) why we celebrate. Snowmen, Santa, the elves, and all of the wonderful gifts are amazing parts of Christmas, but there is no more magical part of the holiday than Jesus himself. 


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