Keeping Kids Active in Cold Weather

The wintertime brings snow, rain, and bitter cold, limiting the amount of active things kids can do. But does it have to? Here are some ways you can keep your kids healthy and moving around this winter, despite the temperatures!

Get Outside

Even though the weather may make it a bit daunting, being outside in the wintertime can be beneficial. Fresh air and sunlight are healthy for children. If you’re looking for some fun and adventurous ways to do this, try ice skating, skiing, or sledding. You can also just play in the snow by building snowmen or having a snowball fight. Or, try some simple activities such as leaf raking, taking a brisk walk, or shoveling snow. These expend energy efficiently and can be fun! As you do these, stay safe in the cold. Remember to bundle up well and stay hydrated. Also, be aware of the warning signs of hypothermia, which occur when the body temperature gets too low. If you or your children feel sluggish, confused, or are shivering a lot, it’s probably time to get inside.

Run Around Indoors

If it’s just too cold or unpleasant to go out, there are plenty of ways to stay active indoors! This list of 25 activities suggests creating your own obstacle course, having wheelbarrow races, or playing follow the leader, or hopscotch. Make use of furniture and different rooms to play hide and seek. You can also try the classics such as tag, or “red light, green light.” There are many possibilities for active games that keep children’s attention span and keep them moving. Try creating your own game! Taking some time to do these activities with your kids will build fun memories and give you a good workout as well.

Try a Kid-Friendly Workout

If you feel more like trying focused exercises, there are workouts specially designed for kids. These are excellent to fit into your regular routine. For example, this 20-minute kids’ workout includes exercises such as climbing stairs and jumping jacks. Personalize it by choosing bits and pieces to do for a few minutes or altering some moves to meet your child’s abilities. Try doing it all together as a family! Or put on some fun music and take ten minutes to exercise. You can also try following along to videos, such as dance or exercise instructional videos. This article also suggests using props, like a balloon. Children of different ages will have different stamina and attention spans, so try to customize it for them.

Winter time doesn’t have to be boring or limit your activity levels! Schedule a little activity time every day for your kids. Or, use this time to make some memories as a family!

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