Making Halloween Less Scary for Little Kids

kid-friendly halloween

Trick or treat?

Despite all of the fun and festivities on Halloween, young kids may not want either.

Halloween can be a fun fall event, but for little kids, it can be very scary. 

Before kids are old enough to understand costumes and acting, they may see all of the dress-up and decorations as terrifying. 

But you aren’t doomed to Halloween hiding away inside. There are still ways to celebrate Halloween with little kids and make it less scary. 

Daytime Trick or Treat

Trick or treating at night is spooky. For older kids, this is part of the fun! For little kids, nighttime costumes and scares can be overwhelming. Instead, look for daytime trick-or-treat options. Many communities offer these, so check with a town nearby if yours does not. Halloween is a lot less scary in the daytime, and more people will be aware of the young kids during the day. 

Dress Up without Masks

Costumes that disguise a person’s face can be the scariest for little kids. If you are celebrating Halloween with young children, opt for mask-less costumes. Have the older siblings only use masks or face-concealing costumes when they aren’t around the young kids, as to not scare them. 

Kid-Friendly Halloween Movie 

For very little kids or those who just find Halloween extremely scary, try making it an event at home. Pop some popcorn, dress up if you want, and watch a kid-friendly Halloween movie. Check out the movie first yourself to assess if it will be a good fit for your child. Look for movies rated “G” and without scary themes. Some ideas include:

  • Charlie Brown It’s The Great Pumpkin
  • Mickey’s Treat
  • Spooky Buddies
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost 
  • Monster’s Inc

Make Your Own Treats

Nothing is less scary than dessert! Spend Halloween making your own treats at home. There are so many different ways to make your treats Halloween-themed, but pick designs that are not frightening for your child. You could decorate cupcakes with pumpkins and friendly ghosts, make caramel apples, or anything else your child would like. 

Even though Halloween is a fun holiday for most, it can be frightening for young kids. Scary costumes and decorations can be too much for some young kids, but there are less scary ways to celebrate as well. Daytime activities are ideal for young kids. At night, try some at-home celebrations like baking and a movie night.


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