Labor Day Activities That Will Wow Your Family

labor day

Labor Day is designed to honor and support the efforts and successes of the American worker. While Labor Day is a single day, it usually takes place during a three-day weekend that many workers want to enjoy with their families.

If you’re looking for fun ways to spend Labor Day with your partner and/or children, take a look at the tips below for family-friendly Labor Day ideas.

Attend A Local Event

In larger towns and cities, Labor Day events are common. Take a look at your town’s website, social media accounts, or the local newspaper to find fun events for your family to take part in. Labor Day parades are not only a lot of fun, but they’re also a good way to learn more about organizations and businesses in your area.

Cook Together

If you have the space, an outdoor barbecue is a good way to get your family outside. Encourage your children to play in the yard while you and your partner grill food together. You might even want to invite additional family, friends, or neighbors over to enjoy the holiday with you.

If the weather isn’t accommodating, cooking something together in the kitchen is another activity your family can take part in. 

See A Movie

Whether you go to a standard theater, rent a new release at home, or visit one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the US (there are only about 300 left), seeing a movie with your family is a good way to keep the kids engaged and entertained. Additionally, choosing something suitable for the whole family might be enjoyable for the adults as well. 

Go On An Outing

Depending on your family’s hobbies, you could choose to participate in one of many outdoor activities. Going for a hike, checking out the historical sites in your area, or going fishing at a nearby lake are just a few ways to spend time outdoors with your family on Labor Day. 

Additionally, if you don’t plan on going anywhere for the holiday, it might be fun to go backyard camping with your kids. Set up a tent in the yard and spend the night outside if the weather is warm enough.


The Labor Day weekend is an excellent opportunity to dedicate quality time to your family. If you have the weekend available, there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your time off work.

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