Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids About Passover

learning about passover

Passover is a major Jewish holiday celebrated by millions of people, but it’s important for everyone to understand it regardless of religion- especially children!

Learning about Passover (in Hebrew, Pesach) is important because it helps children understand the Biblical story of Exodus, which celebrates the freedom of Israelites who were led out of Egypt by Moses. It’s an incredible part of history.

Sitting your kids down to explain this liberation can be difficult, but there are fun ways to celebrate and teach them about Passover!

Celebrate and Educate!

Read A Story

Every parent knows how much kids love storytime. It’s a perfect opportunity for celebrating Passover and helping your kids understand it at the same time. Books like Company’s Coming and Is It Passover Yet? are great ways to get them excited about the coming seder!

Follow-Along Videos

If you have smaller children, celebrating Passover may look a little different. Your kids absorb everything they see and hear, but they probably won’t understand or acknowledge you removing leavened food from your home. The best way to teach them about the holiday is to play follow-along videos where they can learn the steps of a seder or watch animated videos re-enacting the story of Exodus.

Passover Games

Games are great for kids of any age. Even adults love games! Learning about Passover should be a fun, exciting experience and there are plenty of ways to make it just that. You can play “Passover Bingo,” and start conversations about the words you use or the “Who Knows Passover?” card game to test everyone’s knowledge and help your kids ask questions.

Question Catchers

Do you remember those origami fortune tellers everyone used to make in 2nd grade? They held the answers to all of life’s biggest questions and we swore by them. It’s a childhood tradition that you can turn into a Passover tradition! By turning it into a “Passover Question Catcher,” you can open the door to learning about Passover by putting questions inside and encouraging your kids to dig deeper into the history behind the holiday.

This is just a start to the endless number of fun ways to teach your kids the importance of Passover. It encourages them to understand responsibility while celebrating their freedom. Through service to God, each other, and themselves, they learn to use that freedom and become the best versions of themselves. That’s something everyone can celebrate!


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