Making Road Trips with Your Children Easy and Fun


Planning your next vacation, but daunted by the thought of toting your tots around? Here are some ways you can make the trip less frightening and more fun-filled.

1. Start a conversation

Few things help the time pass more quickly than a good family chat. For the older kids especially, these open-ended questions can be great ways to get a conversation going. Or, you can make it a game with some “would you rather” questions. These can be fun particularly for younger kids. Whether the questions are deep and thought-provoking, or silly and hypothetical, your whole family can enjoy laughing and learning about each other as you travel.

2. Stock up on activities and games

For the quieter times, make sure your kids have plenty to keep them entertained. This doesn’t have to involve electronics! Pack an activity bag for your little ones, full of creative items like markers, colorful pipe cleaners, and dry erase boards. Or, fill them with printables, like this license plate game or these drawing prompts they can decorate with their unique creativity. Encourage them to use their imaginations, even when they are sitting down for hours!

3. Make the trip memorable

Don’t just make good memories at the destination – make them on the road too! You can do this with a little preparation. Before the trip, have your kids start a personalized trip jar that they fill with loose change. During the trip, they can spend this money on souvenirs and special treats. Then, have them put some souvenirs in the jar to remember the trip by! You can also plan fun stops along your trip in advance, like top-rated restaurants and fun parks. These give the kids (and you) a chance to stretch your legs and enjoy some time out of the car together.

Road tripping can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. These are just some of the many ways that you can turn a daunting car ride into a manageable trek the whole family can remember fondly!

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